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About This Site

Statement of Purpose
The purpose of the Capital City Home Page is to provide accurate and timely information about Juneau through the medium of networked computer communications.

Population served
The primary users of the Capital City Home Page are the residents of Juneau--permanent residents, residents during the legislative session, and summer residents.

The Home Page also presents information about Juneau to the state as a whole, and to anyone interested in Juneau around the world.

The Home Page presents information of interest to adults, youth, and children.

Information Included
The primary emphasis of the Capital City Home Page is to provide information about Juneau from local sources. This includes:

  • Directory and descriptive information about City government, community organizations, and local non-profits.
  • Distribution of public announcements and documents for public review for local government.
  • Contact information for local emergency services.
  • Information about current major events in the Juneau area which are of interest beyond the local community.
  • Links to information provided by State and Federal agencies that is of particular interest to the Juneau community.
  • Information about Juneau schools and links to information resources produced by Juneau schools and students.
  • Information about recreation opportunities in the Juneau area.
  • Information and links to resources provided by organizations that work for the benefit of the Juneau community, including, but not limited to, JEDC, Convention and Visitors' Bureau, the Chamber of Commerce, and the major media.
  • Information about Juneau that is difficult or impossible to find in printed sources.

Responsibility for the Home Page
The development and maintenance of the Juneau Home Page will be the responsibility of the staff of the Juneau Public Library. Every effort will be made to insure that the information the library enters on the Home Page is accurate. It is the responsibility of the agencies providing information to tell the library of changes in listings for their organizations.

The library complies with all provisions of copyright law. No material will be included without the author's express permission. The library will not be responsible for subsequent use by others of copyrighted material that it publishes with permission.

The library believes that democratic and community life is enhanced by a lively, open forum for local discussion and the exchange of ideas. The library encourages the publication of private and commercial Web pages, bulletin boards, and other computer-mediated communication, although the library may not point to all resources produced in Juneau. The library will make links from the Home Page to commercially or privately produced sources that provide useful information about Juneau. The library retains the final right to decide which links the Home Page will include.

The Juneau Home Page also provides links to information resources beyond Juneau, including the SLED (Statewide Library Electronic Doorway) system, other library catalogs, indexes of Internet resources, and the full range of available Internet information. The Juneau Public Library does not provide individual electronic mail accounts for the public.

The world of networked information is a world without boundaries of geography or content. Due to the nature of networked communications, it would be impractical for the library to exclude access to any networked information source. The responsibility for what is viewed and read is that of the reader, or in the case of minors, the responsibility of the parents or guardians of the minor.

The library will not condone illegal activities undertaken from its terminals. This includes, but is not limited to, attempts to tamper with or corrupt the data and operations of the library's computers or of remote computer systems; posting of disruptive, destructive, or obscene materials to other systems or accounts where they are not welcome; harassment or threatening of others through the medium of the computer; or undertaking any other illegal activity by way of the library computer system.

The Juneau Public Library encourages interactive response from its users through its e-mail form located [here] or by phone or mail at the address below:

Juneau Public Library
292 Marine Way
Juneau, AK 99801 907/586-5324

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